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   EmC -Anti-Spam of email for (Win/95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/VISTA) -   Download

New version

Now with others languages. You can set your own language.

(Tips on the use of the EmC)


  • Accepts standard POP3 accounts and IMAP(GMAIL and others)

  • Authenticating your account to verify if spammers using your e-mail address.

  • It has a Wizard for filter construction to spammers identification or friends identification.

  • Has a Bayesian filter method to learn good messages and spammers messages.

  • Spammers can be identified by anti-spam organizations with access to your database such as SpamCop and SPAMHAUS.

  • Identifies the IP messages through the country of origin.

  • All IPs found in the message (path to come) are identified and displayed their respective owners.

  • The filters are extremely powerful and easy to implement. You determine if the filter is for Spammers or for your Friends.

  • The preferred language can be configured through the wizard of language allowing you to make the translation for your language of all words and phrases of the existing EMC. The language of origin, the translation is to English. EMC is installed in two languages: Portuguese and English.

  • EMC also allows you to create lists of Friends by e-mail addresses and / or domain name.

  • You can also add to the blacklist, the e-mail addresses and / or domain name of the unwanted messages.

  • Reading the header of the messages is done directly with the provider record them on your machine. All that junk that normally invades your mailbox is deleted on the provider, according to your selection, saving space, time and hassles.

  • EMC read, initially, only the headers of the mail accounts informing the sender, subject, message size, date, email account, POP3 or IMAP account, identify the account, the recipient, the program issuing the message, the IP of the sender, the country of origin and filtered messages (yellow: filtered, green:Friend and pink: spammer).

  • While reading the message headers EMC notes, through its powerful filters, if the sender is your Friend. Also provides with great probability of success, through the Bayesian method, the issuers who are "spammers (senders of messages indiscriminate). You can create your own filters to SPAMMERS or to your Friends.

  • Besides filters for messages EMC maintain a list of issuers and unwanted areas, BlackList that will alert you when one of these in his message marking the provider in pink to delete the message there on the server.

  • Another list is incorporated in this version of the Friends. EMC for issuers Friends finds the domain and email address, disabling all filters. You can determine the Friend subject, e-mail, domain and more ...

  • One of the main characteristics of the filter is the verification of spammers (those guys who send emails for everyone without distinction). EMC compares the domain of the email recipient's equals the domain of your email address. If not, mark the message to be excluded at your command.

  • If you want to see the message body EMC will read and display it on your new component "Body Browser" which is identical to MS-Internet Explorer browser. You can browse the Internet through the body of the message.

  • The new weapon of the product against the spammer is the function that lets see who is the owner of the domain of the email sender. That's right, with a simple click of the mouse he tells who is registered for that domain either.,. It,. com,. .. etc and tw Do not believe! download it and see.

  • One of the most discussed by participants of this project was the sending of messages to the senders of unwanted messages. The function allows you to send messages to the senders answering them quickly.

  • Now you can specify how much in how long the EMC will automatically check your mail account. The feature "Sentinel" was incorporated in this version to further enhance this software. You run the EMC, minimize it and get ready to watch the work.

  • Another feature available in this version is the possibility of reading of recorded messages by EMC. The program, after reading the body of the message, writes in the "Attachments" the message body and other information.

  • EMC allows you to import the Friends list of all contacts in their Google Contacts, MS-Windows Address Book, the MS-Outlook contacts and contacts from MS-Windows Vista.

  • EMC is easy to install and use. Try it!

    You hope what? It's free! . EmC comes with English and Portuguese languages.
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   It confers more information and it takes off its doubts.

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