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São Paulo - 07/02/2000- the traditional programs of email work in two inseparable stages. In the first one, they only check the total of letters of your mailbox. It is so fast, that is difficult to read in the screen, what to appears at this moment is: " receiving list of messages from the server ".

Later, it comes the last stage, to download the messages properly. The speed diminishes as the information size magnifies.

If we can read the content of our post office box at the end of second phase (including not-requested material), this does not happen in the first one, since the list of messages the program said to be " receiving " was not offered to us.

The EmailControl focus mainly the first stage, offering the complete messages list, so that the user can choose what to make with them before paying connection and telephonic line for that he does not want. Moreover it can identify, through the filter " Subject ", viruses that are propagating in net.

The creator of the program, companies consultant Belisário Abreu, explains the functioning and the concepts of the EmailControl .

What the program makes?

It is like you had received 100 letters and, all on the table, and you just passing yourf eyes could identify, without open them, the senders, subjects, sizes and could read only 10, that are really the desired messages. The remaining portion is trash that is no worth open, right? Economy of time and patience. It is a natural process that all of us use to do with the domestic post office. But I transferred this procedure to digital world, where it gained the name of ' filter '.

So I can not read the body message with your program, only the header?

You see everything, but in different stages. First I only spread the correspondences over the table, showing the list of existing messages, informing the sender, the subject, the date and the size. I make this reading only the header. In an unbelievable speed and without bringing nothing to my machine. Later I filter the messages only with these data, identifying virus, through filters and   marking them for exclusion. Then I say to delete the marked messages and the program, back in the server, makes the asepsis work. Only the messages of my interest remain. If I want to see the body of a message I click in it and the program brings me the content of the body and its annexes,if they exist. At this moment, the program works equal to the existing ones in the market with the difference that it can immediately verify the presence of virus in messages and annexes that are being read.

How the EmailControl makes Virus identification?

In this phase also two processes exist. The first one, while EmC is watching messages in server it verifies if the content of the field " Subject " of the message possesss one of the known phrases of virus, informing the user of probable virus in that message. The virus Melissa , for example, has in the subject, the phrase " Important Message From ". If in the filter " Subject " the EmC user specify this phrase, then it will be identified and marked to be extinguished directly in the supplier. The majority of email viruses possesss phrases or something in the header as for example the Happy99/Spanska " virus " that possesss in the header tag X-Spanska. Another type of contamination is through the attached files of a message. To verify the annexes, EmC must read them loading them in the user's PC in a special directory and if it is the case, exclude the message in the server. I would like to stand out that, when a new virus appears, the companies that develops programs anti-virus, take a certain time to produce the vaccine and to distribute it to users. However, some groups of notice in net, publish, before vaccines, the features of the new virus. In this particular EmC can act immediately, being enough that the user, specifies in the filter which phrase of this new virus or the name of the file that comes attached to the message. Therefore we keep in our site an updated table of new viruses phrases so that all users simultaneously receive them through EmC. The User is informed of new list and EmC makes the automatic update.

Which is the speed profit, in percentage, of the whole process?

If you consider only ten messages, without annexes, in the two processes my program has an upper income 65%. This is an interesting question, therefore the speed of reading and transference of the messages depends on its size, including the annexes. As my program in the first phase only looks at the letters in the table, it possesss an extraordinary income in relation to the traditional ones.

How hinder the action of spammers?

Filtering, verifying and assembling particular black lists. The simple filter serves to indicate in the header or in the subject of a message spammers word-keys, as " he is rich ", " sex " and etc., The sophisticated one verifies the existence of the sender domain besides certifing if the field " to answer for " is equal to the sender. If l not , probably is spammer. The verification of the senders is made with support of black lists. Beyond filters, EmC has the Black List. It also has a verification if the addresse domain is the same of post office account.

How functions this Black List?

The Black List was idealized to accomodate the addresses of undesired and insistent senders.I click in the message and the program keeps that address (save it). If the sender insists, the program informs me and I can send an automatic message to remove me of this list. All messages, whose senders are in the black list, are excluded directly in the server.

How can software bring registers in cadastre of all domains of the world?

Well, this is my secret.I only know that I let this function available in the EmC so that the users can send messages of warning for the domain administrators that in the majority cases do not know that the domain is being used for spammers.

And if I receive a gigantic message,let us say of 10MB? The program goes to delay more to see this message?

My program reads only the headers of messages, independent on its size and still it knows through it, if the message has or not attaches. This is the secret of the product. One of the reasons that took me to develope it is accurately this. I needed to catch a message that by chance was the last one in a total of 26. When I got the fifth, that had 4MB, the server left for time, the famous " teams-out ". Conclusion: I could not see the message I wanted. Nowadays, I know everything on my messages in high speed and without freezings.

Why the program has statistics ?

The statistics shows in a graphical way how many messages I effectively received and how many I deleted throughout a period. It still indicates ranking of the undesirablesenders. It is very interesting. I was surprised with the economy of time and money, since the trash was deleted directly in the supplier and my PC does not store that nastiness no longer. I rationalized work with quality and automation. It is Known that who profits with these undesirable procedures are the media suppliers and the servers. Not that this is something deliberatel. But it is the reality. The statistics showed me how much trash passes through the network. It is amazing.

To whom is the EmailControl?

To all users of digital mail.

How can I acquire the EmailControl?

The user will be able to make download of the freeware version , that is full and has all the configured features.

The product is shareware or freeware ?

It is freeware and costs nothing. It is totaly free.

Where I get the product?

In http://www.abreuretto.com/anti-Spam

Which is the platform of development ?

For Win/95/98/2000/ME/XP and Windows NT

Dial-UP users for 2000 Windows or NT need to be connected before executing the EmC.

download now!